ArayeBandi Shiva Hemgan trading co with “Shiva” brand name is the biggest carpet and furniture store in south of Iran with several branches throughout the
Horrmozgan Province.
This store was opened in 1981 beginning its work in the field of interior decoration of buildings. In 1995, the store added to its space and began selling carpets. From 2001, Shiva increased its branches and not it has five carpet stores.

From 2016, Shiva added home furniture as its new field of work and, since then, it has been able to keep a high level of customer satisfaction.
After four decades of working in the field of carpets, furniture, curtain and other home decorative accessories, Shiva has become a familiar and reliable name. Convenient shopping experience, wide variety of products, high quality and after-sale support are all some of the features that have satisfied Shiva customers.